Anna is devoted to American soap-dramas, freshly-ironed bed linen, and the stormy smell of Scottish beaches. As a child she once turned orange from eating too many tangerines. In an alternate universe she would be a canine hydrotherapist. (Or a dancer - she's secretly convinced she has it in her, somewhere, just buried rather deep).

Jess is looking for answers.  



Modern Compass is a place for the compassionate, the elegant, and the thought-provoking. It's a non-judgmental place where best intentions do matter, as well as (we hope!) a hub of advice and tips for those trying to navigate modern life in the kindest way possible.

We are two friends who, in trying to do our best for the planet, animals, and people around us, found ourselves confused by an avalanche of conflicting or impractical advice. So we began to talk to each other instead - discussing everything under the sun, from feminist inspiration to becoming vegan in a dairy-saturated world, and from sartorial style to holding down demanding jobs whilst looking after our mental, spiritual and physical health.

Having forwarded on our email conversations to countless others who are equally confused and conflicted, we decided to make our musings public. We are not experts, just normal people muddling through. So welcome!

Love, Anna and Jess