the one?

Dear Jess,

Whilst you have been nourishing body and soul with what looks like ridiculously delicious food, I have been feeding my...vanity? Makeup addiction? Compulsive shopping habit?! Actually no, scratch that last one, because I can guarantee there is nothing compulsive about trying to shop for cruelty free beauty products.

I could easily write a book on it (but will probably just stick to a blog post on the subject, one day soon). But, in short, I had until recently bought all the makeup I fancied (and I tend to fancy Quite. A. Bit) assuming that the EU's ban on animal testing for cosmetics meant none of it would be contributing to animal cruelty.

Not so. I had been lulled into a false sense of security.

Apparently if a brand sells to China it's almost guaranteed to test on animals, since it's required under their laws. Heartbroken, I started to look for cruelty-free and ideally vegan alternatives to my favourite products. 

I started with mascara which I've always felt a bit "meh" about. (Many would have it as their desert-island beauty product - with my pale-to-the-point-of-blue Scottish skin, it's blusher all the way.) Now, after going through a fair few totally adequate ones, I think I've finally found my mascara holy grail - Gaya's lengthening and defining vegan mascara. Hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly and, crucially, not tested on animals - and it actually works! Like it says, it lengthens and defines but without getting clumpy - this is definitely for more fluttery than heavy lashes, but nevertheless still gives a bit of volumising oomph at the lash roots. It doesn't look fake, but on the other hand you can definitely tell it's there. And it's a really rich black (hopefully you can see in the swatch below) - I never get the point of brown mascaras even though some experts recommend them for those of a paler persuasion like me.

Suffice to say, it comes with my highest recommendation. As I type I have another tab open on their website looking at what to add next to my growing cruelty-free collection...

Anna xx