RMS make-up love

This weekend I added my second piece to what I suspect will be a growing collection of RMS make-up. I'm admittedly late to join this particular band-waggon. In fact, I was a little sceptical at first, suspecting that its growing cult status may have been down to the super-chic frosted glass packaging more than the quality of the product itself. But I always really loved the ethos and approach of the company: they use raw, food-grade, organic ingredients; their packaging is all biodegradable, reusable or recyclable; and crucially they do not test on animals or use ingredients that have been tested on animals.

But a friend recommended their living luminizer, and after giving it a try I realised I was likely to become yet another RMS fangirl. Being as pale as I am, I find a lot of highlighters a bit too strong, too glittery. Yet goodness knows my complexion needs a little help in the radiance department, especially during long London winters! This one is a definite winner - more glossy than glittery (yet without being greasy), and pale enough to work well with my skin tone. It was officially love at first try.

Unblended and blended

Unblended and blended

With this success under my belt I turned to some of their other products. I've mentioned my devotion to blusher before: a longstanding favourite had been Bobbi Brown's Fresh Melon, but when I found out that the company's products are tested on animals I knew I needed to find an alternative peachy blusher that would suit my Casper-pale skin. Enter RMS lip2cheek in curious. Though it looks a little lumpy in the container, I think this is because one of the primary ingredients is coconut oil which is solid at room temperature (at least Northern European room temperatures!) It blends out to a lovely pale peach, and lasts well throughout the day. 

One drawback is that these products are not cheap. Not. At. All. But the last for ages and ages, and together these two are saving me from the usual well-intentioned "are you unwell? you look very grey..." comments that tend to come my way during this last stretch of winter...